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It’s actually a very decent intro to pump basics an gives you easy conversions for units. I like having a quick refresher to incompressible turbo-machinery in my pocket. A must have for any Mechanical Engineer that only rarely deals with pump dynamics. Cons: the UI is a bit bland, although the maker was focusing more on content. Pictures/diagrams would be nice. The cutoff for the bottom of the page is a too high, forcing you to rubberband up a 1/2″ to read the last line or so – no biggie. Overall, worth it.

I am a plumber in school and this app is very helpfull for quick reference thanks!

Brilliant, please update to include drill and tap tables, 1/1000″ to mm conversions etc, will make a great replacement for zues tables

It’s a concise textbook, not a calculator. But it’s good at what it does.

App is a handy ref for electrical work. Looking forward to using other apps by this